Who we are

Tsoro-o-tso San Development Trust (Trust Deed number MA 0000105/2014) is a registered Trust that advocates for and facilitates the development of the Tjwa/San people of South-western Zimbabwe. The Trust was registered in May 2014 and was formed as a vehicle primarily to champion the resuscitation and development of the Tjwao language and culture. This became the starting point for a wide ranging development discourse that seeks to empower the Tjwa people (who hitherto have been marginalized for different reasons) and enable them to participate in their own development and that of their community as equal citizens of a free and independent Zimbabwe.


To become the lead organization in empowering, representing and championing the interests of the San communities, ensuring their participation as equal citizens in the economic, social, political and development of Zimbabwe.


To enhance a thriving/vibrant integrated San community in the development of Tjwao language, skills, jobs, education, housing, and cultural pride. Promote women and child health development in a comprehensive family, through indigenous knowledge, community initiatives and policy advocacy.


Five of the organizational values which may in fact define both its work and the organization itself. These values therefore, will lay out beliefs of the organization while keeping its vision and mission statements short and to the point.
Therefore the organization values were agreed as follows;
–non discrimination
-language and culture sensitivity