Primary Education

Tsoro-o-tso San Development Trust has done some work with primary school children. This mainly centred on encouraging parents to send children to schools as well as providing limited support to ensure that the parents managed to do so. This area still has a number of challenges as the households of school going children face the challenges of providing for them. The following tables show the current numbers of Tjwao school going children. The 2013 census showed that there was a total of 96 Tjwao children in school,(58 boys and 38 girls). 90% of these children were between grades o and 3, while about 10% proceeded to grade 5. There was no child in grade seven as all dropped out between grade three and five. The reasons were numerous, including failure to pay by parents, lack of food at home (which meant that the children joined their parents in the hunt for food), lack of proper clothing (some went semi-naked). The Tsoro-o-tso San Development Trust does its best to provide the necessary support with the little resources available from well-wishers.