Language Research and Development Work

The above research revealed that the Tjwao language was alive and well, despite the fact that there were fewer than 20 people who could speak it well. This discovery led to the development of interest in the language and its development. Work commenced to detail the language and its autography. This work was done in conjunction with the University of Zimbabwe’s African Languages Research Institute (ALRI) and the Lupane State University.  Further work on the language was done with the Institute of Living Tongues (ILT) where the talking Tjwao dictionary was developed and completed. This can be found on the following web address; www.talkingdictionary.swarthmore/Tjwao. The Tsoro-o-tso San Development Trust established a Tjwao language Committee which comprises of 13 Tjwa elders (9 men and 4 women) who can speak the language well. There is also a local committee of language transcribers who consist of the people (all men).